Marriage Goal Setting

Setting Goals for Marriages is not only fun, but can have a profound affect.

Particularly setting goals for the first year of marriage/relationship, and working out together what you want – both as individuals, and as a partnership, will not only bring you closer, but have you stepping out together in the same direction and with the same aspirations.
Of course any partnerships will benefit from mutual planning and goal setting.

Prioritizing & goal setting in marriage

Couples who sit down together and take the time to spell out what their own expectations and desires and hopes are, have a high chance of future success and happiness together when they make plans for things they both want.
When people come together they bring with them their individual background family history and family habits and expectations.
If one of you is expecting one thing, and the other has a different goal, people can become disappointed and disillusioned.
A simple discussion and planning process might overcome potential problems, and lead to excitement and fulfilment together. got goals?

Goals for first year of marriage – and always

1. The first suggestion for couples is to do the process called Creating My Dream Life click here to our other/sister website to learn how to do this. Work on this individually.
Write your dreams in the different areas in your life, such as:

• Lifestyle (which can include your home and environment, travel)
• Body, Soul, Mind (health, education etc)
• Relationships (family, friends, workmates)
• Love
• Anything you think of that you want

When you have finished (although this is never finished – you can add to it always), come together and compare notes.
Which areas have similar goals, which are most important to you both?
Out of this you can draw up a starting list for goals you both want to achieve together.

2. Now you need to discuss your list and prioritize.
If one wants a home or a baby first, and the other wants to travel, it is much better to be discussing this now, than arguing and being disappointed down the track. There is always a solution.

3. Make a timeline and fill in your joint goals.
You can and will still have individual goals too of course. She may want to learn painting; he may want to buy a motor bike.
Discuss your needs and dreams, and make a plan. You can see how important this becomes. You can also see how great it will be to know that the dreams that are important to you have a place mapped out in your future together.