Were You Always Lucky?

Do you feel that there are some people that just seem to always be luck and others that seem to have to work for their luck? Maybe you wonder if someone has always been lucky, maybe even born lucky!

There are some people that are lucky even when they are kids. They have things that come naturally to them such as sports, being good at school and being someone that everyone seems to like. This can even be someone that is surrounded by luck that just seems crazy.

Some people can walk into a gambling joint and win money on the first machine that they touch, or they seem to be able to always pick the lucky numbers or to pick the winning racer. There are other people that find money laying on the ground or find money everywhere. It just seems to fall in their lap.

Other people are super popular at school, and they seem to fit in with everyone. They are loved by the teachers, the students and never seem to have any enemies. They even do school, and they are just naturally good at it without having to work hard for it.

Luck and Perspective

Luck is something that can be looked at from different points of view. Someone that is lucky in school by making all kinds of friends likely is someone that has a great personality. They might be easy to talk to, funny, bubbly and just like to have people around them.

A person that is great at school might be someone that learns fast and that wants to get things done right the first time. These are probably the same people that follow all the rules and so they never get in trouble. These are also people that are probably go-getters and seek out all the opportunities that they can have.

Even if things come easier for these people, is that really luck? There are people that have things easier sometimes that never think that they are luckier than anyone else. The opportunities that they have help to make their life easier and these opportunities aren’t just for them, they just work hard to get them, and they take action to live their best lives.

Working Hard

There are many people that the world would see as someone that is lucky, but the truth is, these are the people that seem to take action for what they want, and they seem to work hard for the things that they have.

People that put in a lot of applications are going to get accepted into more schools than someone that puts in only a couple here or there. People that pick up extra skills are going to get the job before someone that doesn’t have these skills.

Being lucky can be a matter of perspective but it is more likely that it is a matter of action and taking the time to actually work to get what you want. If you work hard and you do your best, you will see that more things come to you, and this can be looked at as a form of luck.

Be Positive

One thing that can help to boost how you feel about luck is to be positive. Learn to take negative thoughts and turn them into something that is positive. Even if things are going wrong, find a way to find the good in the bad.

By changing your thoughts and being more mindful of what you are feeling, you can see that you can take your lack of luck and turn it around, making you lucky. Lucky to have what you have, lucky to be alive, lucky to have friends and lucky to be able to think good thoughts.

Final Thoughts

Being lucky doesn’t mean that you find money or that you win the lottery. Being lucky can be someone that has a good family, a good job, is healthy and lives their best life. Living lucky can mean things different to some than it does to others.

When you want to live your best life, work hard, and find ways that you can increase your skills, increase your thoughts and do the right things. This will make you one of the luckiest people on the planet!

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