Success Strategies

5 Success Strategies used by successful people

By Winsome Coutts

Some people seem more successful than others. It’s as if they hold the keys to success and doors automatically open for them. So what are these keys to success? What success strategies do they use?

Success Strategy 1: Successful people know their mind controls their action

Successful people think they are a successful person. They know deep down in every fibre of their being that they have a pattern of success and they can repeat this pattern if they turn their mind to it.

Yes they have down days, and days of doubt – but the overwhelming belief is one of knowing and living their self-worth.

If you focus on failure, you attract failure. If you focus on success, you attract success. It is as simple as that.

One of the keys to success is to build your self esteem – to reflect on all of your successes in your life. Find all of the times when things went right for you and you made a difference. List them down in a happy file and look back on them in your shadow days.

Success Strategy 2: Successful people are grateful for what they have

Successful people are generally grateful people. They are people who really enjoy what success they have achieved and are grateful to the people and circumstances that have helped them achieve it. This gratitude could be towards a higher power, to colleagues or family. They take time regularly to give thanks for their gifts and to be grateful for what they have.

Success Strategy 3: Successful people take regular and consistent action

Successful people don’t sit on a mountain wearing a kaftan, eating mung beans and just think success and it happens for them. They take action to go out and get it.

Everyone has inner promptings on the next step they should take in their lives. Successful people act on those promptings.

Sometimes these promptings will be successful, and sometimes a failure. The difference is successful people take more action – more regular and consistent action more often. They act on their thoughts and ideas.

Think of Michael Jordon – the best basketballer who has lived so far. Even Michael Jordon didn’t get every basket he aimed for. But he threw more baskets and tried more approaches than other players.

Success Strategy 4: Successful people are constantly learning

Successful people know you are either learning or dying (and they prefer to live). They know there is a lot of information already available to help them succeed – all they need to do is find it to give them a higher platform to leap from. They don’t have a need to reinvent wheels – they learn from the best and put the best into action.

Success Strategy 5: Successful people have an inner passion or calling

They are driven by a passion or calling to a higher purpose. This is what drives them to pursue success. They believe their results will make a difference to themselves, their family or this earth. They find their passion and let it lead them to success. No success is achieved without passion.

You now have the 5 success strategies. How are you going to implement them in your life? How are you going to use them to unlock the doors to your success? The keys are now yours – use them!