No Contract Rule for Peace

Using the No Contract Rule for Peace

Have you recently faced a breakup and you aren’t sure what to do? The no contact rule means not having any contact with your ex, but it doesn’t always work. This happens because everyone is different. You can find out what to do if you break up according to your zodiac sign:


When you break up with an Aries, they will be able to not care fast. They won’t care if you like them anymore and they won’t get emotional about it. They are stubborn and they will make good memories with you while you are with them but when you aren’t anymore, they will just move on.


Those that are Taurus will be silent and stubborn. They love to be loved and they will give you the same respect. If you break up with them though, they will get upset and they will try to make the relationship work. They won’t hold on to you forever though and if you start dating someone else, they will leave you forever.


Gemini people are ones that are curious, and they are emotional. They will ask you why you are treating them in a certain way and depending on their sun and moon sign, they can become obsessed with you. They might even stalk you. If you are dealing with this kind of sign, they might become detached and move on fast. This means that if you want to break up, be sure you know this. They might be friends with you later, but you will have to wait and see.


Cancer signs love to have attention. They want to give you love and affection, but they are overly emotional. They will do you favors and will come to you but if you hurt them, they will hold a grudge against you.


Leo people get offended easily. Leo’s want to have their ego praised and if you don’t, they won’t want to be with you. They get angry easily, and they can be aggressive. If you are with them and then you start dating someone else, they might try to swoon at you, but the no contact rule can work with them.


Virgo signs never like to play games. They will wonder why you are acting a certain way but if you try the no contact rule then they will no longer be interested in you.


Libra signs will want to use the no contact rule as a game. They expect you to be flirty and to be romantic and they aren’t going to really tell their true feeling. When you take things too far, they will get offended and will feel disrespected. This could cause them to stay away from you.


Scorpio people are loving and kind to each other. The are possessive. If you break up with them then they will not be able to handle it if they love, you. They hate being ignored but they will not reach out to you if you choose to handle things this way.


This is a person that will love talking to you. If you ignore them then they will get angry and confused. They don’t like to play games and so the no contact rule will never work with them.


Capricorn signs are people that don’t like to be ignored. They will think that you are being dishonest if you do this. They want to keep a good relationship and they will show you kindness and love.


Aquarius signs are people that are curious and if you want to stay friends with them then you need to not ignore them. If they really love you and you hurt them, they will not want to be around you.


Pisces are people that are sensitive, and they can be aggravating. They are people that don’t like to be confronted and if you were with them then you will see that they have a sensitive heart and that when you ignore them then it will hurt them tremendously. They will want to distance themselves from you and they will detach from you on an emotional level.

Final Thoughts

Using the zodiac to help you to break up with someone might help you to make the right moves.

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