• Broken Person
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    Broken Person

    Nothing will make you stronger than someone hurting you and breaking your heart.  When you fall in love with someone and you find that your world has been turned upside down, in a good way, you become one with that person that you love. Sometimes, this person makes us want to be someone better, someone great.  We want our love to make us a better person so that we can share a lifetime together of happiness and fun. There is more to life than that, falling in love is also a chance that we can see what we want in the future and helps us to know what goals and…

  • How to attract amazing individuals into your life
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    How to attract amazing individuals into your life

    We are likely to do great things when we surround ourselves with great people. We need people, that’s the truth. Association contributes a lot to how we think and act.  I’m not sure about you, but I want to be around amazing people who have big dreams and goals. Below are ways you can attract amazing individuals into your life: Be that individual If you are in pursuit of attracting great people to you, you need to be that person first. Be what you want. We are frequently attracted to like-minded individuals. It is simple and basic if you want an amazing person to be an amazing person. Be a…

  • Dealing with frustrations and pain after a break-up
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    Dealing with frustrations and pain after a break-up

    How to deal with rejection: Lately, quite a number of individuals around me have been struggling with relationship anxiety.  One friend specifically, has been trying to get over a lover who decided to let go of the relationship just after very few months. She’s undergoing a very hard time. During this time, we’ve come up with a list of reminders to help her overcome all these. All she needs to do is adhere and follow all these in order to come out stronger and better. To boost my confidence and restore my calmness, I will do the following things: My frustrations result from brain chemistry not that I’m crazy. My…