Do When Someone Talks About You

What to Do When Someone Talks About You?

Most people have been in situations where someone talks about them in a negative way. What do you do when someone talks about you?

Even though this is a hard answer for most people to do, here are some things that you should do to help you through this:


The best thing that you can do when someone hurts you is to pray about it. Pray hard so that you can learn to get closer to the Lord and you can learn how to handle things in your life that are hard. Even if you want to be angry and yell at the person or talk bad about them back, the best thing that you can do is to pray.

Praying for someone that hurt you can be hard but if you do this, you will see that it will make your heart softer and that you will be able to have grace for them instead of pain.

Let God Take Over

One of the hardest things that you can do when you are hurt is to let God be in control of it. If you are tempted to hurt the person that hurt you, you need to talk to God and let Him be the one that defends you.

God will be there to protect you and He will send people into your life to help you through your hardships.

Even when you have people that are saying really horrible things or laughing and making fun of you, there are better ways of handling things than lashing out. Learn to talk through the issues with that person and let them know how much they hurt you. God will be on your side. You will see that the Bible is right when it says, “The Lord will fight for you; you need to be still,” (Exodus 14:14).

Once you understand that you cannot change things, you will learn to give it over to God and let Him help you.

Let God do His Work

There are things that God can do that you cannot. You might have to work hard and pray hard that God will help you to be quiet and not to say things in return, but you can also reach out to friends and family to pray for you. God will help you to keep your mouth shut and to not lash out.

This doesn’t mean that you should accept people to be mean to you, all it means is that you should try your best to not lash out and to make things right. God can take hard situations and make them better for you in life.

Follow His Example

God was accused many times of things that He never did. He was put on trial and He remained calm and strong. He stayed quiet even on the cross because He was willing to die for us and to take all of the sin without saying anything. God could have done whatever He wanted at that point, but He chose to be quiet.

Being Bold

There are times that you need to be bold, and you need to speak boldly, but this doesn’t mean in hate or aggression. You should speak out for others that are in need and you should defend God and your faith when necessary.


Even when you are being put down, this can be a blessing for you. When you show people that you can live by the Word of God and you can be calm and trust in God’s truth, you can show them that He will guide you and lead you.

Matthew 5:11 says, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.”

Believe in Truth

There is truth in God, and it will come out that the person that is talking about you and spreading rumors is not true. Jesus will give you His light and will help you to understand when things are wrong or hard.

All things that are true will come out. Even when things are hard, you have to learn to forgive and learn to love others. Even people that are against you can end up being friends with you if you let God fix the relationship.


Ask the Lord to help you to live a happy life and to take situations that are bad and see the good in them. Ask Him to calm your heart and to give you the Holy Spirit and to speak truth to you. Ask that He will give you peace and understanding and that He will fight for you and redeem your situation.

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