Does Gossip Have to Do with Your Personality?

We have all had to face being gossiped about or gossiping about others at one point in our lives or another.

Gossiping means that there is a conversation with other people, one that is often rude or derogatory, and it means that this person is speaking about sensitive material or is judging the person for something that they did. When a person gossips, they are betraying the person that they are talking about.

It is shown that people that gossip are very highly anxious people. They often suffer from anxiety and stress. These people usually do not get along with other people because people know that they cannot trust them.

Spreading gossip and negatively judging someone is hurtful and it can affect the gossiper in their life.

What Makes People Gossip?

There are different reasons that people gossip and here are some of them:

  • To Make Them Feel More Popular

People that talk about others often do this because they want to feel better about who they are. They will bring up negative things about other people just so that they can get rid of their own feelings of being left out.

  • They are Bored

Sometimes people will find something interesting to talk about, such as someone else, because they are bored. They feel that this will make the conversation more exciting.

  • They are Envious

Some people will gossip to try to hurt someone because they are popular, or they wish that they had the same kind of life.

  • To Feel Part of the In Crowd

People will gossip because they want to be accepted into the group. Even though these people end up suffering because they are no longer trusted, they think that if they spread gossip that people will like them.

  • To Get Attention

People are often attention seekers, and they will gossip to get this attention. This doesn’t have any foundation for getting attention.

  • Because they are Angry

People that are angry will often take this out on other people and they will do this by gossiping about them.

  • Is It Wrong to Gossip?

People are often curious, and they want to know what is going on around them. Some of the best things about people is learning about their life. The problem is that if the situation is bad or you are hurting someone’s character when you talk about them, this means that you shouldn’t be doing it.

  • Discussing Someone’s Relationship

Many people will gossip because they want to talk about the other persons relationships. This is done because they want to feel superior to that person and so they will put that person down.

  • Responding to Gossip

If someone is gossiping, the best thing that you can do is walk away from the conversation. When you take the steps to do this, you don’t feed the gossiper and cause them to want to gossip more.

The best things that you can do are either walk away or try to change the subject. Doing this can make them see what they are doing is wrong or at least that you want no part of it.


When someone gossips, they are often insecure, or they are just mean. It leaves everyone else around them feeling bad and feeling like they were involved in something that wasn’t right.

Even though it is interesting to know about other people, you should spend that time trying to find out good things about others and uplifting them instead of spreading judgements or rumors that will hurt them.

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