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Concentrate to Stay Motivated

Have you ever had something that you needed to get done but no matter how hard it seems like you try, you still aren’t getting things done? Maybe you want to do it and you are motivated, but you can’t focus or concentrate.

Not being able to concentrate on your tasks in front of you is one of the things that happens. Everyone wants to learn to focus and concentrate because the more that you do this, the better you can accomplish your goals.


Concentration means that you are able to put your attention on something and to focus on one thing that is going on in front of you. This also means that you are able to get other things, not related to what you want to focus on, off of your mind.

The hardest part of concentrating is the last part. Many people can focus on something but then they realize that they can’t get other ideas out of their mind. Just think about your phone. How often are you doing something and then your phone beeps a notification and you have to stop what you are doing and concentrate on that?

The things that you do on your phone and other things can distract you and cause you not to get your work done. It isn’t just the phone though; it can be any distractions that happen and cause you not to get your tasks completed.

Getting distracted can cause you to miss out on getting things done or not doing them as well as you could if you were able to concentrate better. This can sometimes cause you to even forget to remember things.

Why is Focusing So Hard?

People wonder why it is so hard to focus on things or why they are always struggling to concentrate. Here are some things that you can look at such as your daily life and your activities:

  • Your sleeping habits.
  • Not getting enough sleep.
  • Not eating healthy meals.
  • Having something in front of you that is distracting like a phone or other electronics.
  • People need your attention.
  • You don’t have a schedule.
  • You don’t get enough exercise.
  • You are stressed.

These are some of the reasons that you might not be able to get things done and might not be able to concentrate.

What Causes a Lack of Concentration?

Here are some things that might cause you not to be able to focus:

  • Being distracted.
  • Not sleeping well.
  • Not exercising.
  • Bad eating habits.
  • Your environment.

Being Distracted

People are always getting new information. When this happens, it is important to know that your brain has a hard time concentrating on things sometimes because of different things like even seeing your phone. The information that you have that is coming in to you in large quantities at a time might make it harder to concentrate. These things need to have more attention to be able to make decisions on them.

Not Sleeping well

Science has found that not being able to sleep well or not getting enough sleep can cause you not to be able to concentrate enough. It can cause you to have a lack of focus and can cause you not to be able to pay attention as well.

This can cause you not to be able to do the tasks that you do as well as you would if you were sleeping better.

Not Exercising

Do you ever realize that when you exercise that you are more relaxed throughout your whole day? When you aren’t doing any kind of phyiscal activity, you aren’t going to be able to relax or concentrate as well.

Bad Eating Habits

The way that you eat will cause you to process things differently. If you don’t put the right nutrition in your body then chances are that you will have things happen such as tiredness, lack of focus and a lack of clarity.

Eating diets that are lower in fat and that have fatty acids can help you to concentrate better and can give your brain the nutrition that it needs to stop you from having cravings that can distract you.

Your Environment

Your environment can distract you. If a place is too noisy, it can cause you to have a problem focusing on what is going on around you. When it’s too quiet, this can cause you to not be able to concentrate, as well.

Music can cause you to feel distracted in a happy way so that you can sing with your favorite songs, but when you play music without words, you might be able to concentrate more. Lights that are too dim or too bright can also mess with your focus. All of these can affect how you concentrate.

Problems Concentrating

If you find that you aren’t able to focus or get your thoughts in order, there are times that this could be a medical situation. Depending on what is going on, you need to accept that you have a problem focusing and learn how to accept this and then pick up tips that can help you concentrate a little better.

Conditions that Cause Focus Problems

Here are some of the conditions that can cause a lack in concentration:

  • Cognitive: You might not be able to remember things or concentrate if you have many things going on at once. When you have issues that come into your mind and need your attention, you might not be able to focus.
  • Psychological: A person that is depressed or feeling bad might have a hard time focusing.
  • Medical: Conditions such as hormone imbalances, low red blood cells, diabetes and other medical situations can cause you to have a hard time concentrating.
  • Environmental: If you are in a workplace that has bad working conditions then you will see that this can cause your lack of concentration. Being overly tired doesn’t help either.
  • Life: Being tired, dehydrated, hungry or other things can make it harder for you to focus.

How to Concentrate

Here are some ways that you can learn to focus better:

Get Rid of Distractions

You can focus better if you don’t have so much on your plate. Try and set a schedule of things that you need to get done and concentrate on one task at a time.

Close off your phone and your social media and keep it out of sight until you get things accomplished. Focus on what you need to do.


Try to concentrate on one project at a time. Multitasking means that you are doing multiple things, but are you really doing them well? Don’t listen to music while you write a paper or listen to a podcast while emailing. This takes away from one task.

Be Mindful

Be mindful of what is going on around you and meditate. Meditate to try and keep your mind calm and to help you to have more peace. This can take away stress. If you find that you aren’t able to focus, deep breathe and clear your mind.

Sleep More

Try to sleep more and do this by not watching television or playing on your phone for at least an hour before bedtime. Filter blue light with glasses or avoid playing electronics at all. Make sure that you are drinking enough and if you need to, journal before bed to make your mind calm.

Pay Attention to the Now

Stop focusing on the past or the future and focus on what is going on right now. Learn to let things go and train your mind to concentrate on the task at hand.

Take Breaks

You can take breaks when you are working or doing something for a long period of time. Your brain will try to keep working until you take a break. If you do this throughout the day, then you will see that you are able to focus more.


Take a nature break. Go outside and walk around and look at the plants, the trees, and the flowers. Listen to the birds and smell the fresh air.

Train the Mind

Train your mind by finding games that can help you to concentrate better. Some games include jigsaw puzzles, chess, and some video games.

Work Out

Get your body moving. By doing this, your body will release chemicals that can help you to have a clear mind and help you to concentrate better. Exercising can boost your norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine levels. These all can help you to focus better.

Moving the body can also get rid of tension and this can help your body to relax more.


Listen to music that is calm and that won’t distract you. Try and avoid music that is going to have lyrics and that will distract you.

Healthy Eating

Pick foods that will help you to have good energies. Foods that have a lot of fiber can keep your sugar levels good. Don’t drink foods that are high in sugar because it can make you tired.

Your brain needs good fats, and you can get this through berries, nuts, coconut oil and other healthy fats. Your diet can help your brain to work better as the oxygen flows better. Eat a lot of leafy green vegetables that have potassium.

Make a List

Make a list of things that you need to do that day. Focus on getting the bigger jobs done first and then do the easier jobs later. This can help to lessen the stress that you feel and help you to accomplish your goals.

Make a Calm Area

Make a calm area that you can work in. Organize your desk, keep the air set at the right temperature and make sure that you keep it decluttered. Make it as comfortable as you can so that it can be the place where you work.

Set a Timer

Help your brain to work harder and to concentrate more by setting a time. Work for 20 minutes and when the timer goes off, take a 5-minute break. During your break, stretch and move around and then do it again.

Choose Another Task

Find another task that you want to do if you get distracted by the one that you are doing. This can help you to have a fresh view and to focus better.

Final Thoughts

You can improve the way that you concentrate on things in front of you. People that need to improve their focus need to practice this so that they can reach their goals.

Strengthen your focus so that you can get things done the way that they need to be done. Learn to focus on what you want to do the most. Learn to concentrate so that you can be successful and so that you can feel better about what you are doing. Get your tasks done and find happiness and meaning.

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