Do You Have Too Many Opinions?

People are full of opinions but if you are someone that has an opinion for everything, chances are that you might be driving people out of your life. No one wants to be around someone that knows everything and that is always sharing their own opinion. You have to learn that sometimes saying nothing at all is better than sharing your own opinion over and over.

If you are someone that is always sharing your opinion, it can be annoying to people and it can cause them to not want to be around you.

Here are some signs that you have too many opinions:

  • Taking Control of the Conversation

You can tell that you are over opinionated if you are always taking over the conversation. You might be a leader, and this can mean that you like to talk and share your ideas, but even if you are, sometimes you need to let someone else have a chance to share their thoughts and keep your own to yourself.

  • Not Listening

One sign that you share too much is that you are never listening because you are always talking. Instead of waiting for someone to let you have your turn, you interrupt and say whatever you want, whenever you want.

  • Changing of the Mind

You might be someone that says something but then you agree with something someone else is saying. If you are someone that will never change their mind or their opinion, chances are you are too opinionated and you need to back off.

  • Conclusion Jumper

People that have their own opinions about everything often jump to conclusion. They take the information that they get, and they add their own thoughts and opinions to it. They choose to not even hear the complete thoughts or the complete side before they state what they think.

  • You Know Everything

If you are someone that knows something about everything then chances are that you have too many opinions. Being someone that is full of knowledge is great but if you are someone that knows more than the person that is the expert then chances are you don’t really know as much as you think that you do.

Final Thoughts

It is great to have a conversation and to be part of it but if you are someone that is never changing and is always right about everything, you probably have too many opinions. This is something that can drive people out of your life. If you want to make more friends and keep your relationships strong, learn to keep your opinions to yourself sometimes.

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