Reaching Your Higher Self

Reaching Your Higher Self!

Chances are if you’re reading this that you are more interested in yourself than ever before and you wonder what it is that you really believe. There is more to life than going to work, paying bills, going places and then eventually dying. If you feel this way, you might be going through our spiritual awakening and trying to find your higher self.

Your higher self is the conscious part of your mind that allows you to embrace your thoughts and to figure out what is positive while letting go of the negative thoughts. The more aware you are of your higher self the less control negativity has on you.

Your higher self is your energy that surrounds you and there are many people that have already reached their higher selves.

Here are some ways to know if you are reaching your higher self!

  • You Are Tired of Material Things

Do you look around your house and wonder why you have all this stuff? Or you might realize that your ego has controlled you for too long, making you desire things you don’t really need. This can be clothes, cars, awards or anything that shows other people how successful you feel.

During your awakening, these things aren’t as important as they used to be. You will someday die, and these are the things that you can’t take with you even when your soul moves on. As you realize these things, you are reaching your higher self because you realize that the things that your ego wants or wanted are no longer as important.

  • You See the Earth as Amazing

We get so distracted about things on the earth that we sometimes forget how special the earth itself is. Once you start reaching your higher self you will see that these things no longer entice you and you actually start to see how amazing the world around you really is.

You might start focusing on what nature has to offer you, the colors, the sounds and the smells. You start to love things around you that you might not have even noticed in the past.

  • Creative Juices Flow

A big sign that you are reaching your higher self is when you become more creative. You get signs and sights from the higher world, and you feel and act on these things by being creative. You might start getting new inspiration which makes you want to create things.

  • You Have Love and Compassion

Maybe you weren’t always so kind and now you feel love and compassion for yourself and others. This can be a big sign you’re reaching your higher self. You don’t just be kind to people because you have to, but you start to feel real care for them.

  • You Embrace Your Feelings

The feelings that you have are always changing and you might start to connect with them easier. Your emotions are energies that flow and once you connect with them you are connecting and reaching your higher self.

  • Loving Nature

Loving nature is a big sign that you’re reaching your higher self. You might have just noticed animals or trees that you all of a sudden feel connected with. This is something that is part of your life source and as you reach your higher self you will be at peace with these things.

  • Reaching Your Spirituality

You might be more aware of god and the universe. You might see that your spirituality is no longer something you can manipulate but it is something that is inside of your soul. Instead of being tired of who you are, you get rid of bad habits, and you rest in who you are.

This gives you spiritual empowerment that helps you to focus on you and what you need. You get to be in charge of this journey.

  • Your Health Becomes Important

Maybe you start to eat healthier, and you are starting to live a healthier lifestyle. You find working out and eating right to be an important part of your journey. Instead of wanting fast food all the time, you want to eat natural foods.

  • Death is On the Mind

As you get rid of your ego, and you start to reach your higher self you will see that the thought of death sometimes fills you. This is something people often avoid but once you embrace that death is something that happens you will see that you know your soul is eternal.

  • Spiritual Seeing

Instead of seeing things through the physical world, you start to see things through different eyes. You start to reach your higher self and you see that you can let go of your ego and find your soul purpose.

  • Soul Purpose

Once you realize that you have a soul purpose and you know what it is, this is a big sign that you are on your way to reaching your higher self. You will want to reach your soul mission and to do what you’re called to do.

  • Coincidences and Synchronicities

When you start to reach your higher self, you will see that there are coincidences and synchronicities all around you. You are more connected to the universe, and you are changing your thinking from material things that you wanted to buy to who is surrounding you in the spiritual world.

Signs in the Physical

Some people will experience physical signs when they are reaching their higher self because their mind and body become pure and there is a process to this. Some symptoms include:

    • Breathing hard.
    • Not being able to sleep.
    • Irritation and burning of the skin.
    • High blood pressure.
    • Irregular heartbeat.

These symptoms might take a while to disappear, but you need to move forward no matter what.

  • Vivid Dreams

The dreams that you have are vivid as you reach your higher self. These dreams can give you answers to things that you’ve been looking for in your life.

  • Peace and Hope

One thing that you might start to experience is a peace and hope that you can’t explain. You just know that everything is going to be okay. This will show you that you are safe and protected.

  • Strong Intuition

As your intuition increases you will see that you can make better decisions and you can make good connections in your life. You will be able to find the answers to the questions that you have because you will experience what your expanded consciousness is showing you.

While this happens, you will be more aware of the energy around you, and you will have more inner wisdom than ever before.

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