7 Toxic Behaviors You Need to Reject from Others

7 Toxic Behaviors You Need to Reject from Others

No matter what cruel words people may hurl your way, your self-worth is lessened only when you give these words power.  You can become more resilient towards negativity by setting and honoring clear boundaries.  Sure, people will test the strength of the boundaries, but hold fast to your belief and values.  If you sense people are trying to manipulate you, call them out.  It only takes one time for you to allow a limit to break before people will take advantage of the situation.  Once a person knows a boundary isn’t solid it will set the pattern for future oversteps.  You are stronger than you realize and here are seven behaviors you must never tolerate.

  1. Bullying: There is never any excuse for bullying.  If you sense you are being bullied, stand up for yourself!  Only you can let their actions make you fee inferior.  Call out both enemies and snide comments from loved ones.  Even those that care about you can become bullies.  Be aware of how people treat you and be mindful of inappropriate jokes they might lob your way.  Confront these actions when necessary, make you sure you always maintain a sense of dignity and well-being.
  2. Abuse: No one ever has a right to commit any abuse or assault to your body, mind, or character. Understand that whether you endured physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, it is NEVER your fault.  Although you must work to heal the pain and try to work on possible forgiveness, honor your spirit and be kind to yourself.  Call out abuse whenever you see it., even potentially happening, to spread more love to the world.
  3. Tolerating Hatred

Gandhi states: “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.”  No matter the circumstance, never allow hatred to enter your heart.  Meet hatred with hatred only perpetuates the cycle.  Release grudges and resentments to life the spirits of both yourself and the other person.  Forgiveness is a universal balm that allows healing to occur and peace to permeate the world around you.

  1. Negativity

Misery loves company, but you don’t have to contribute to this epidemic!  Negativity only serves to weigh you down energetically and block yourself from wonderous opportunities.  Instead, choose positivity to bolster your inner spirit.  Try to surround yourself with other positive people who inspire you dream big and live vibrantly.

  1. Lying

The saying goes “Fool me once shame on them.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  If you notice someone has a pattern of lying speak up.  Otherwise you might find yourself in a vicious cycle of being hopeful and then being hurt.  See a situation for what it is and not as you hope it ‘could’ be ‘if only.”  Always give more credence to what people’s actions rather than their words, for this is where truth lives.

  1. Slander

You must always know your true value.  Never allow anyone’s reactions to damage your goals or your essence.  Seek to understand differences and try to see how you can smooth out any misunderstandings.  Understand that slander can come from even people you hold dear.  Loved ones can quickly say something carelessly to derail your potential or minimize your ideas.  Emotional support can at times be difficult where you might begin to question who you are and what are your capabilities.  Resists these lapses in judgement and know you are strong enough and worthy of great things.

  1. Attempts to control you

You have the divine gift of freewill.  Even when things seem chaotic and you don’t know what to do, opt to look inside yourself rather than allow another to drive the situation.  Once you relinquish control, you leave your fate in the hands of another person and lose the ability to navigate the path before you.

Though it might seem hard, listen to your inner wisdom.  This small, still voice can help you understand what you want to try, directions you might go, and how to the harness the power of your intuition.  If something feels right to you, honor it and allow yourself to embrace the blessings that are sure to come your way.  Above all, know that you have the power to decide whom you want to walk alongside you, and whom you need to leave behind today.

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