Self-Sabotaging Mindset

Self-Sabotaging Mindset

Having a healthy body and life means that you have a healthy mindset.

Here are some things that you are thinking that is making your life negative:


No matter what you have done in your past and no matter how much you try to change it, you can’t. You cannot let your past decide who you are in the now or in the future. You have to move forward and be the best you can be.


One thing that we often mistake is what love is. If we have to act a certain way or do certain things in order to be loved, this is toxic. You have to get out of abusive relationships and find healthy relationships with people. People say they love you in different ways and you have to look closely to see if they are using you or loving you.

Achieving Things

You have to have the mindset that you can do anything and stop thinking that you cannot achieve things in your life. Spend time making goals and working to reach them.

Finding Love

Being single is a good thing and being in a relationship is also a good thing. People that are single or in a serious relationship can be happy.

You have to change your mindset on this. You do not have to base happiness on finding love, instead learn to better who you are and to work to make yourself able to achieve great things. Being single does not define who you are.


We all need to have a good job. You will find a job and you will be successful. You have to decide what you want and change your mindset form negative to positive. Get up and go and figure out how to get the job that you want.


Never make excuses for someone mistreating you. Toxic behavior is a no-no and you have to work to stop allowing people to mistreat you. You deserve to be with someone that loves you and will treat you good from the beginning.

Feeling Good

You are allowed to get tired and you are allowed to be frustrated when you are trying to get what you want. Being on the path to success does not mean it will always be happy and easy, follow what you want even when it is hard.


People do not always change. If you have to fix someone or if you are with someone that is not treating you right, do not try to fix them but move on. You can walk away from toxic relationships and find your happiness elsewhere. You deserve it.

Accepting You

Do not worry about if someone accepts you or not. If someone is mistreating you, they are toxic, and you should not have to put up with that. Accept that you can be happy on your own if you have to be and get rid of toxic relationships that do not work out.


Stop complaining that you cannot be successful. You are successful even if you reach small goals. No matter how hard it is to reach your goals, keep pushing. Everyone is different and everyone’s success looks differently.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about what you want in your life.

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