Body, Mind and Spirit – The Complete Connection

In any part of your life the connection between body, mind and spirit is elemental to success. All three are part of an equation and all three are necessary for getting where you want to be in life. This premise is true in your relationships, in your career, in planning your financial future or even the process of health and fitness for example. You will reach your goals much more easily if you involve your entire being in the process.

The body, mind, spirit connection in goal setting

When you are involved in any goal setting, it’s instrumental to keep the connections between your body, your mind and your spirit in the forefront. All are integrally intertwined and it’s hard to have one or two involved without the others. Your body is the vehicle that is going to take all physical actions that go into your achievements, your mind is the planner, organizer and thinker, and your spirit is the motivator and the source of inspiration. They all work in concert. Let’s take the example of diet and fitness goals.

The body

When you are working on healthy diet and fitness goals, the body is the place where you will see the results of your efforts. Your body is the thing that will do those actions that are necessary to achieving your diet and fitness goals. Through exercising and healthy eating, your body will show what you can achieve. As you begin to see more muscle tone and less fat, and your skin begins to look clearer and brighter because of your healthy habits, your body will feel good all over. The body feeds on what the mind tells it. Your thoughts turn to your body’s actions.

The mind

You mind is key in diet and fitness goal setting because it’s what sets goals and plans the steps you will take. Your mind also is what will analyze progress and decide whether your plan is working or needs to be adjusted. The mind makes use of tools such as visualization and affirmations in order to help the process. When you use your thoughts dynamically you can call on the power of the spirit, and the encouraging feelings that it provides to feed your mind. The spirit helps the mind focus and make good choices.

The spirit

Your spirit is the instrument that keeps you going, giving you a warm feeling of accomplishment and empowerment when you advance, and encouraging you to keep going if you feel discouraged. The spirit is the force that draws positive results to you through belief in yourself and the gifts of the Universe and also through inspiring your mind and body to take action. Your spirit feeds on the positive energies that come from what the mind tells it, and how your body is feeling. It also receives energies from the Universe provided by way of intuition, feelings, blessings and recognition of gifts.

So when you are in the midst of planning and goal setting, remind yourself to engage each of these parts of your being in the process, not just one. By using the connections between the three, you have a much stronger chance of meeting your goals. Totally connect your whole body mind and spirit in every part of your life.

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