Broken Person

Broken Person

Nothing will make you stronger than someone hurting you and breaking your heart.  When you fall in love with someone and you find that your world has been turned upside down, in a good way, you become one with that person that you love.

Sometimes, this person makes us want to be someone better, someone great.  We want our love to make us a better person so that we can share a lifetime together of happiness and fun.

There is more to life than that, falling in love is also a chance that we can see what we want in the future and helps us to know what goals and aspirations we have.  This is why when a love ends, it hurts more than anything else.

When you and the love of your life breakup, it causes us to lose a piece of who we are.  This is the piece that we think holds us together and when we lose that, it causes us to lose who we are and focus on what we used to be.  It causes our goodness to change and stops us from being who we want to be.  When we go through a heartbreak, it breaks more than just our heart, but it breaks who we are.

There are different levels of love and sometimes the deeper we love, the harder we hurt after a breakup.  It only makes sense that when we have shallow love that it causes us to feel bad but not to have a life shattering change.  When heartbreak is deep and the only kind that happens when you really love someone, this can really affect who you are.

This kind of heartbreak may only happen once in your life because once you experience this, you will likely never be the same.  You will meet new people and you will like them, but it will never be like that one.  You will look at life through different lenses and you will know that you have been vulnerable and that now your hurt is magnified.

When you give your heart to someone completely, and it doesn’t ‘work out, it causes you to lose a piece of your heart.  It makes you feel that you are the one that messed up and you only have yourself to blame.

If you thought that you would spend the rest of your life together and now you have to face that your future does not have them in it, it can cause you a lot of heart pain.  This pain does not go away fast and it takes a long time to really heal.  You will need to heal and need to be fixed before you decide to date again.

Who can help fix you?  There is only three people that can help fix this broken heart, the first is someone new coming into your life that has not broken your heart, the person that broke your heart or yourself.  If you decide to love someone new, the pain of the past breakup seems to lessen and eventually go away.  The problem is that finding a new love works for as long as the love stays strong.

When the love in the relationship begins to fade or fail, you might bring back that hurt that you had buried away.  The only reason it wouldn’t come up is because you were happy, and the new love overtook your past pain.

If you choose to get back together with the person that hurt you, chances are you will have a hard time fixing that old love.  You will mend your heart and try to heal but you will never know for sure if the relationship is going to last or if it will end the same way it was.

The person that hurt you most likely will not be the person who fixes you.  Things didn’t work out for a reason and even if that reason is just timing or maturity, it is still a lot of hurt and baggage from when you were together.

When a relationship doesn’t work out, it hardly will ever be fixed.  When someone hurts you, it is hard to trusts them again and trust is the most important thing in any relationship.

Depending on what is going on, you will be able to get past the broken promises and the memories that hurt you but the emotions will come back for no reason.  When this happens, this shows the trust is gone and the person that broke your heart will not be able to fix that.  Nothing is impossible of course, but chances are that the relationship will ever be strong again is slim.  You will never feel safe or secure with this person.

Sometimes, hardly ever, is it easy to move on but you have to believe that you will find love when the time is right.  It is almost impossible for you not to find new love.  If you are patient and keep looking, you will find that you have met someone new.

Love does not allow you to stay in your misery.  You have to learn to move on and let the painful thoughts and feelings go.  You have to live your life and be fixed and allow there to be other chances or more brokenness.  You might find that you are able to meet someone that will help fix you and mend you back together.

Only you can fix your brokenness and do the job right.  Finding another lover is fun but will not be what fixes you.  When you wait to find love, you will find it.  You will meet someone that makes you happy.  You will wait and as time heals you, you will be motivated to keep your life on track.

One of the main reasons that you can love someone else is that they help you to be a better person.  They never fix you; they just help you to fix you.  Be wise and let yourself be fixed before you move into another relationship.  The better you are, the better your relationship will be.

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