How Bone-deep Sorrow and Grief can persevere

How Bone-deep Sorrow and Grief can persevere

Good things never occur. A lot of bad things that can make us hopeless usually happen to us.  We don’t experience any positive things in our lives but only the negatives. These bad experiences always transpire without any sign and we cannot control them. Therefore, when they occur, what can we do to lessen them without affecting ourselves in the process?  Mindfulness is the answer.

This morning, I was given a crash course in passing my own ways because I am somebody who requires mindfulness to live. Right now I am feeling the pain that I have never felt before. As I write this, my eyes are puffy and I have cried uncontrollably.


Life must go on.

Despite the fact that we might be sad for reasons best known to us, at long last we will have to make a decision and rejoin those who are alive.

Give me permission to share with you some of the mindful strategies that can help you heal if you are struggling with any kind of loss.

  • You may find it easy spending a lot of time in social media and other digital platforms to help ease your pain away but that will not help. You’ll still feel the pain even after putting your phone down.
  • That pain you are feeling, summon it to appear to you so that you are able to deal with it. If you feel like doing anything at that moment, just do it. If it means crying, go ahead and cry.
  • Pamper yourself. This is not the time to move on. The way you would treat your small child who is sick is the same you should treat yourself. Do all the things you can do as long as you pamper yourself like, taking a bath, eating nice food, listening to some cool music and sleeping.
  • Pay attention to whatever you say. Do not use your own words to trigger the pain regardless of what you’re going through. Do not blame others for your misfortunes. Keep reminding yourself that you can conquer anything that comes your way. Do not use hateful language but a language of love.
  • Get some time off and just sit in silence regardless of you not being a regular meditator. Just acknowledge those bad ideas and that pain. Pay attention to the next breath as you let them float through you.
  • Your grief will definitely end after some time. Believe that in order to survive these bad times you will receive what you need. Do away with the urge to managing everything.

You should try these mindful strategies in order to overcome pain and grief. Do not run away from your misfortunes but acknowledge them and feel them. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Let friends and family be your support system. It is during these trying moments that we at times experience growth and healing.

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