How to Find Your True Self

How to Find Your True Self

One of the best things you can do is to find out who you really are.  Many people walk around, and they never really listen to their inner being and they never know what they are truly about.  They think that they understand themselves, but they keep on in life without ever really taking time to discover who they really are.

Finding yourself might seem like a goal that is self-centered, but the truth is that this is actually a way to be unselfish.  When you are living life, your inner self is the root of all the decisions that you make.,  You are the most valuable person in your world and you want to be the best person and partner you can be.  If you have kids, you want to be the best parent.  It is hard to be these things when you don’t know who you are.  Get rid of layers of your life that you are unsure of and recognize who you are and what your destiny is.

Learn about your own power and be vulnerable to new things.  Allow yourself to experience things and make new friends.  Follow the universe and find new adventures.


In order to find out who you are, you have to figure out about your past.  You need to do inner searching and discover what your past was like.  When you can figure out your past, you can figure out who you want to be.  What has happened in your past isn’t all that defines you but doing this can help you to get rid of traumas that you didn’t even realize you held in.

Everyone has a life story and you can figure it out and have a mindful decision to be true to yourself.  Having a good attitude and understanding how you grew up can tell you why you act the way you do as an adult.  When you are a child, you are defenseless, and you might have had people be critical towards you and this can be what kind of personality you formed as an adult.

When you have early life experiences, you will see how these define you and you might have spent a lot of years defending yourself and guarding yourself.  You might resist your feelings and have different areas in life that limit you.  You have to have a true sense of self and you can do this and understand your behavior if you understand what has happened in your life.  You must learn to understand your self-destructive behaviors.

Hiding from your past is a big mistake and you need to understand your experiences.  You might feel like you never really knew yourself and you might never even ask why.  You might do things and not know why you did them and you may never know what shapes your behavior.

When you look back at your past, you can focus on what has happened in your heart and mind.  You can make sense of your experiences and then you can learn to repair past hurt.  You can take your childhood experiences and let them make new opportunities for you.

Engaging in this type of behavior is healthy and can help you to understand your history.  After you do this, you can separate your thinking from your feelings.

Sense of Self

Once you learn to differentiate what has happened to you, you can become independent of the feelings and you can find yourself and fulfill your destiny.  You need to remain open and learn to work through your struggles and take steps to better yourself.

  • Get rid of bad thinking.
  • Get away from negative traits.
  • Understand why you are defensive.
  • See if you have childhood trauma.
  • Develop your values and morals.

Life has given us different circumstances to deal with and we have to understand the purpose behind them.  Even if we have experienced harmful things, we have survived, and we need to have meant.  We have to figure out what our purpose is and remove our expectations that people have put on us.  We have to do what we believe in and this will allow us to be happy.

What Do You Want?

Think about what you want and do not be a victim about your past.  Stop complaining about what you have went through and instead, concentrate on what you want in life.

Know what you have and what you are.  Know your desires and figure out what is important to you.  Stop being guarded and let people come in so you can feel alive and have joy.  Don’t be anxious or sad because of your life not going the way you hoped.

When you are striving for something, it can make you feel uncomfortable.  This is because you are breaking away from your past and you feel that you are not good enough.  You will feel like what you want is too much and that you don’t deserve it.  You might want people to listen to you and love you.  You have to change your outlook on life in order to make things like that happen.  You have to be true to yourself.

Inner Power

When you figure out what you want, challenge yourself and take power over your life.  Stop being negative and thinking that everything in the world is bad or wrong.  Stop making up excuses and take your destiny in your hands.

Personal power gives you strength and will help you to do what you want to do.  This power will give you self-esteem and love and will shift the way that you look at the world.

Allow your emotions to be there but make good decisions.  Figure out what goals you have and be proactive at making them happen.  Find relationships that make you feel good and find new ideas and take power in our thinking.

Critical Thinking

Learn to be kind to yourself and stop criticizing everything that you do.  Stop listening to your negative opinions about yourself and start talking about being good enough.  Lose the attitude about not being good enough and recognize that this is an internal enemy.  Learn to live your life with strength and with abilities.  Be kind and know that all things are possible.


Learn to be compassionate to others.  When you love yourself, you have a better chance of loving others.  This can help you physically and mentally.  Giving to others can give you joy and can help you to have a better attitude towards yourself and others.  People are happier when they have goals that reach out to others and are not selfish goals.  Try to give and be generous.


Learn to have friends and to reach out to people outside of your circle.  Create a circle of friends that are supportive and inspirational.  Create your own family of friends and people that will give you passion in your life and that are a group of people that are really there for you.  This will help you to find yourself because you are surrounding yourself with people that will have a good effect on you.  Everyone needs a support system and people that believe in you and will help you reach your goals.

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