The Millionaire Mind Secret

Do YOU have the millionaire mind secret? Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? Some may say they don’t want to be, but is that true? Would any of us really truly avoid being a millionaire? Of course not! Having plenty of money is a goal for most, and yet many of us don’t have plenty of money. Why is that? What is different about millionaires? What secrets do they have to making and having more than enough? What goes on in the millionaire mind that we need to know to increase wealth and abundance in our own lives?


What goes on in a millionaire mind?

Wow! That’s a lot of questions to answer. But the most important one is, “What goes on in a millionaire mind?” The reason that particular question is so important is that the mind is the controlling factor in whether or not you become rich! Sounds crazy, right? It’s hard work that makes you rich, or the money you inherit, or being in the right place at the right time. Certainly, those can influence wealth. But if you are going to become and stay rich (and note that “rich” means different things to different people), you need to use your mind and thoughts correctly. Then actions and luck follow. So we need to know the millionaire mind secret(s).

What are the secrets to the millionaire mind?

The first secret is the belief that everyone can create wealth and abundance in their life. Even if you grew up in the poor section of town and didn’t graduate from the best university with the highest grades! Every person has the ability to create a wealthy life! You must believe that. Beyond that essential belief, here is what you need to know:

  • All those sayings you have heard that make it seem hard to get money and to stay wealthy are bunk. We’ve all heard this one – “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” Well, yes, it is true that money doesn’t really grow on trees. The implication is that money is hard to find and hard to gather. If you hear that enough, you will start to believe that. This and similar thoughts have to go out the window and be replaced (we’ll get to replacing them in a bit). Millionaires have a mind set that money is out there, abundance is out there, and that they can have it! The millionaire mind set is that there is enough to go around and that it’s OK to get their share.
  • Millionaires do not spend all of their money! They tend to live well below their means. This is a key point. Millionaires know if they live above their means or spend all of their money, they will no longer be millionaires. This does not mean that they are miserly – it means that they are smart and frugal with their money and their belongings. There’s a big difference and it’s a very integral part of knowing the millionaire mind secret.
  • Again, millionaires and aspiring millionaires, male or female, are smart about money. They get out of debt and stay out, and they ignore the temptation to “keep up with the Joneses”. This is big. One of the millionaire mind secrets is that it is not necessary or desirable to spend money on unneeded or even unwanted “things” that are meant to impress others. Forget about everyone else and concentrate on your bank account!
  • Millionaires take their work seriously and realize that work is one of the biggest tools that they will use to become and stay a millionaire. Work is the main way that money flows in. This is not to say that a millionaire toils 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at two jobs. It simply means that in the millionaire mind, work is important.
  • Millionaires realize that money is a form of life energy and it must be allowed to flow in and back out and then in again. Think of money as electricity. It flows into your home and is used by you (the outflow is in a different form). The key is to keep the flow balanced, and not block the flow in.
  • People who know the millionaire mind secret always pay themselves first. They spend less than they make and they invest and save the rest. The typical millionaire saves around 15% or his or her income. If you aren’t in that position yet, start with a smaller percentage and work it up.
  • Millionaires know that a positive attitude towards wealth is critical. Money, abundance and wealth are viewed as a positive, healthy part of life, not something to be feared or even scorned. Some of us have the idea that wealth is bad. That’s not true!

When you are working on your own millionaire mind, keep these ideas to the forefront. Work on your positive, welcoming attitude towards money and abundance. Work on the practical steps to wealth, such as getting out of debt. Take time to decide what’s important and use that as your guideline to creating your own, wealthy, rich, abundant life and your own millionaire mind.

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