What Happens When You are Depressed

What Happens When You are Depressed

People have different emotions and no two people are exactly the same. When someone is going through something like depression, chances are that their world will look and feel completely different than someone else that is going through depression.

A person that experiences a major depressive episode will be in a dark place in their life. They will be in a place where they will feel that everyone is better off without them. They will not take in account their children, spouse, or their family because they feel that their life is too hard, and they find no comfort in it.

Life will not be happy, and they will have a hard time finding their worth for living. These people might lack hope and will never feel that they are getting better.

When they experience these things, it can make them feel miserable and sad. It is hard for people with this disorder to feel normal, after something bad happens or they have an episode. When someone has these depressive episodes, it will hard for them to know what is real or not.

They will have memories of things or messages that tell them the opposite of what is real. A person that is going through a depression episode will have a hard time feeling loved and believing that their feelings are real. This happens when they go through happiness and pleasure as well.

A person that is going through this will be used to being happy, but they will wonder if they will ever be happy again. They will feel that they are alone, and they will convince themselves that they are in fact alone and this will make them feel overwhelmed.

Even if someone is happy before they have a depressive episode, the truth is that when something goes wrong, they will automatically become irritated and the pain will become too hard for them.

No matter what they do, they will feel overwhelmed and life will take away their joy. They will feel nothing but pain.

Major Depression

Major depression is full of pain both in the body, emotions, and mind. This is a place where the pain can bring on different emotions such as anger, sadness, and even physical pain. They will have a hard time being comforted and they will be in tears because of the pain they are feeling.

People will not be able to understand why they are acting the way that they are, and they will feel that they have to isolate themselves. They will feel full of shame and feel that they cannot do anything without hurting others.

They will give up trying to accomplish good things in their life and their life will be void of any meaning. This will cause them to lose their self-esteem and to feel that life is negative. They will feel guilt and shame for how they feel, and they will feel that no one could possibly love them. They will believe that those in their life will soon abandon them because of their feelings and emotions.

Understanding Depression

It is hard for someone that is depressed to express what this feels like. They have a hard time understanding their experiences and they have a hard time changing their thoughts. Even if the person was successful in the past, they become frustrated with where they are and how they feel.


What can you do to support someone that is depressed? Remember that when someone is having a depression episode that it means that they have been depressed for more than a couple of weeks. There are mild and extreme cases of depression and all of them are terrible for them.

The episodes can be treated with medication and some use electroshock treatment, but this does not work for everyone. Someone that goes through major depression might have a hard time going without some kind of medication.

It is important to pay attention to nutrition and other body treatments and therapy that can help.

Loved Ones Support

Loved ones can show their love for someone that is depressed. They can keep telling someone how much they care but they need to be careful not to argue.

Families need to make sure that they are reminding the person that they love them and think outside of the mode of depression. Remember that it will be hard for a depressed person to make real decisions so be prepared to do this for them.

If the person repeats their experience of depression over and over again then they might need to get medical help. Do not try to understand what they are feeling or going through.

When you love someone that is depressed, it can be stressful at times. It is important to make sure that you focus on your needs as you are helping others. If you need to talk to someone, seek a therapist or a counselor to speak to.

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