Dealing with frustrations and pain after a break-up

Dealing with frustrations and pain after a break-up

How to deal with rejection:

Lately, quite a number of individuals around me have been struggling with relationship anxiety.  One friend specifically, has been trying to get over a lover who decided to let go of the relationship just after very few months. She’s undergoing a very hard time. During this time, we’ve come up with a list of reminders to help her overcome all these. All she needs to do is adhere and follow all these in order to come out stronger and better.

To boost my confidence and restore my calmness, I will do the following things:

  1. My frustrations result from brain chemistry not that I’m crazy.
  2. My anxieties and insecurities are not a reflection of what’s going on in my mind or what I’m thinking.
  3. The fact that he broke up with me means that whatever we had wasn’t real.
  4. Since he requested to be given space, I will gladly do that.
  5. Stalking and seeking attention just brings shame and not relief.
  6. I will stop paying attention to anything he does.
  7. I will not listen to my inner voice which keeps telling me to look for him since the voice is as a result of pain and insecurity.
  8. My friends or family will give me a shoulder to lean on during this time.
  9. I will not focus on what upsets me.
  10. My worth shall not be measured by his attitude towards me. His attitude is only a reflection of who he is.
  11. I will spend time with people who appreciate and love me since he’s just not into me.
  12. I will try to move on without looking back. This is because distance and time heal everything. Trying to get close with him again is like unraveling my wounds.
  13. I will not keep my lover as a friend unless I have completely gotten over him. This is also not a guarantee. It’s fine if we don’t become friends anyway. Personal growth is defined by moving on.
  14. It’s fine to feel sad after a break-up. Just know your journey towards healing has started.
  15. I have learned from this experience and I am growing and transforming.
  16. I will still have that self-respect and show dignity.
  17. My health and wholeness will be a priority.
  18. I’ll behave more sanely.
  19. I will now pay attention to living my best life and forget that dead relationship.
  20. I will focus on what builds me rather than what breaks me.
  21. I will never forget that the best revenge is my success.

After some time, you’ll discover that these affirmations have become your daily routine and you can deal with negative thoughts anytime they arise. Sometimes you might feel triggered, but they may not be as bad as before.

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