Things you need to do to take charge of your life and move on

Things you need to do to take charge of your life and move on

We learn many of life’s lessons the hard way.   It is hard to accept these and move on, but that is exactly what we need to do. Sometimes you just need to accept your losses, learn from the mistakes and walk right down the path again.

Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Engage in positive self talk

We all do it, we talk ourselves down because we think that we’re not enough Remember all you have to be is you. Feeling better  is up to you. Some people in your world may never be happy. It’s not your job to please them. So stop trying.  You are worth a happy life.

  • Your conflict is literally all in your head

You may have been beaten down, but you are definitely not broken.   You are stronger than you think you are. Don’t let others bring you down and don’t bring yourself down.  Help yourself heal by refusing to talk down to yourself.

  • Know that you are more than the sum of your broken parts

Times get tough for all of us. It is at these times that we feel lost and alone. We feel like we’re not alone. It’s not true. We need to relax and stop breaking ourselves down with negativity.

  • Change when you need to

We are all resistant to change. We get into a comfortable groove and think that good enough is ok. If we choose the wrong path, we stick with it even though we aren’t happy. Starting over isn’t easy or comfortable but sometimes to move forward we have to move back a bit. Change is not going to be easy, but it may be necessary.

  • If you don’t need it, let it go

There are some parts of our lives when we compromise and settle for different things.  We know that we can’t get everything we want. When we  know this we sometimes gather things we just don’t need. We just want them and then suddenly you are surrounded with things that just take up space and don’t bring us any joy

  • Acknowledge that discomfort is a part of life

Once you accept this it will be easier for you to move on with the change you need to make. a lesson we learn early in life is that sometimes we need to do uncomfortable things to get what we need. Discomfort is just inconvenience. We can just accept it do it what we need to do.

  • Decide that you are going to do your best everyday

This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. But when you set your daily goal you should try to do your best. That will change day to day because you will meet your set of challenges as a different person every day.  You don’t have to be perfect. You do have to try.  This commitment to yourself will help shape your positive future.

  • Practice mindfulness

This is actually pretty easy. Being mindful is being aware of what you are doing everyday in every moment. It is being aware and focused without wishing we were somewhere else. It is a practice of gratitude for those moments in our lives. Better mindfulness leads to better happiness.

  • Find something to be grateful for in every situation

Being happy doesn’t mean we are always grateful. Having gratitude does bring a smile.Gratitude is at the base of happiness. Keeping a grateful state of mind will help us stay positive during the ups and downs of our lives. It will helps deal with the disappointment of daily life.  Being grateful is also part of mindfulness.

  • Do something small for someone else

If we put someone else first even for just one moment, we are bringing our own happiness back to ourselves. Think about how good it feels when someone gives you a heartfelt thank you. Teachers get this feeling when a student tells them that they made a difference in their lives. Many times we do things for others that we don’t give significance to yet it means the world to them. Take a moment to do something for someone else that you absolutely don’t have to. Taking the focus off of yourself will make you feel amazing.

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