Hitting Rock Bottom Can Save You

Hitting Rock Bottom Can Save You

Everyone should realize that life is not easy and sometimes we get to the bottom.  Being rock bottom is not a bad thing though, and everyone should try to get there at least once in their lives.

When you are at rock bottom, you realize that you were once off the course of life and in a dark place.  You have let your frustration overtake you and now that you are at the bottom, there is no other way but up.

When you hit rock bottom, you see that all of your behaviors and bad mistakes are at the surface.  You will never hit a lower point and you realize that by denying yourself or trying to ignore the behavior that you are causing there to be more problems.  Until you are able to change your thinking and know that you need to go up, you are basing your life on a lie.

Being at rock bottom allows you to ask questions that you have thought in your mind but chosen never to ask.  You can look at motives of people and your own believes and fears and decide if the circumstances of your life have caused you to fail.  Your life is now upside down and you need to start from the bottom up and rebuild with a new thought pattern.

The behaviors that you once had are a pattern that you know you need to chance.  You see that hitting the bottom was not stoppable but that it is necessary to change you and to help you to grow.  You also see that things are clear and that you have a role of stopping the drama and starting a new journey.  Stop playing old games and create a new way of life.


When you are at the bottom, you know that you have let your ego show its hand and control you.  You need to let your ego loosen up and realize that you can trust things in your life that are not about you all the time.  You need to have a purpose and live on the right path.


Being at rock bottom helps you to have humility and to know that everything is not black and white and that there can be better things.


You understand where other people are coming from that have failed and have been full of guilt and shame.  You come back from the bottom knowing that other people are just human, and you gain empathy.

Letting Go

You learn to let things go and let go of old places that have given you bad experiences.  You empty your life and fill it back up so that you can change what you have done and let new things take over your life.  Let life be a new thing.


After you hit rock bottom, you will accept the responsibility that you have made mistakes.  You stop blaming others and making excuses that are false.  You realize who created things in your life both good and bad and you figure out how you can make it better.


The best news is that once you are at the bottom, you can’t go lower and you can only rise above it.  This can wake you up and let you finally find happiness.  You can trust yourself and figure out your own sense of purpose.

All of these experiences will make you grateful and will move you forward.  Sometimes your health will increase and the universe will give you courage to move past things that are hard and to help make the pain in your life to go away.

Things that happened in your darkest moments can turn from pain to courage and from poorness to rich and can give you the ability and courage to bounce back to the top.  If you are on rock bottom, you need to know that you will someday appreciate what happened to you.

Once you can find the darkest parts of your life and see that there is a way to build again, only then can you know that hitting rock bottom is a real gift.

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