Navigating Negativity

Navigating Negativity

Negativity is contagious.  It is important that you find ways to safe guard your psyche from people that drain your energy.  Likewise, you must also learn to harness how you process negative thoughts within yourself so you don’t make yourself more miserable or inadvertently cause others discomfort.

Understand the Situation

Negativity only complicates our life.  By looking at a situation objectively you can begin to find ways to avoid feeling frustrated or worse.  You can instead come up with a plan to understand multiple outcomes or expectations for parties involved.  You then have the ability to craft meaningful boundaries or steps forward to ensure a favorable outcome.

Keep Calm

Its not easily dealing with someone who is negative, even when it’s yourself.  Focus on breathing and keeping a level head to prevent the situation from getting worse.  Try to understand the aspects within your control and make peace with what is not.

Avoid Arguing

When possible try to avoid being around someone in a foul mood.  If that is not possible, and they say something you disagree with, try as hard as it might be, to not argue with them.  People in a negative mindset are typically looking for a fight to justify their toxic emotions.  They can present to others as overconfident and infallible.  If some of their points aren’t relevant to you, let it go.  Focus on the issues that you are capable of resolving.  If you can validate some of their concerns this might go a long way in easing the tension.

Be True to Yourself

If a negative person is attacking your character, you have the right to stand up for yourself.  Try to do some in a firm, but kindly manner to avoid inflaming the situation.  You can’t control how this person acts around others, but you can make sure you set healthy boundaries during their interactions with you.  These boundaries will help you protect your psyche and even allow you to grow as a person.

Stay Positive

Just like negativity, positivity too can be contagious.  Lead by example in how to behave maturely and positively.  Hopefully this can help them get out of their funk just a little.  Although tough to do, keep an objective mind.  If you meet their negativity with negativity you will only add to this toxic cycle.

Trust Karma

Karma has a way of working things out.  If they don’t change their patterns, they will ultimately pay the price.  Trust the Karma will teach them lessons that need to learn in this lifetime without you needing to deplete any energy.  Time heals everything, so remember by trusting the process, everyone can grow and heal.

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