Keeping a Guy Interested Through Texts

Keeping a Guy Interested Through Texts

The dating world can be overwhelming, but it is not all that scary once you have mastered keeping a guy interested with the right types of texts. When you like a guy, really like him, you often worry he will get bored with you and move on, so you start trying to stay in contact.

The first step is to stop worrying about losing this guy because it will leave you paranoid and nervous which will make him lose interest quickly. So, breathe in and out a few times slowly and read on.

The second step is to not worry if he does lose interest. He is not the only guy available. When you remember this simple fact, you will be able to relax. If he does like you, you will not have to worry about his interest, it is already there.

The fact is it is easier to write these things than actually do them. The truly hard part is when you start texting him and have no idea where to start so nerves get the better of you. That is where this article comes to the rescue.

Hooking Him Through Texts

Once the two of you become comfortable enough to really text one another, these tips will not help. This is for the girls that are trying to compose that first text, sweat forming, palms sweating, worried it will be horrible and ruin any chances for a relationship. Use these tips to get him hooked on you through the right kind of texts. Then keep him coming back for more.

Less is More

Even though it is tempting to explain your day in detail to him, remember that less is more. He doesn’t want to read an essay, no one does, so keep things short and sweet. The in-depth conversation should be saved for in-person meetings.

Nothing Boring

Texts that are boring like “I ate too much dinner” are not worth sending. This also leaves no room for a response from him, so stay away from those type texts.

No Doubles

If you texted him and he has not replied, do not text again until he does. It is tempting to send another to make sure he saw it, but this is a desperate look. Play it cool and wait for him to respond. He will when he gets time if he is interested, otherwise move on. Double texting shows clinginess which no man wants.


Guys are usually the question askers in the relationship, so take the time to ask him questions about himself. Do not turn it into a text based job interview, but learn a bit about him. You may learn things that make you change your mind about him and move on, but it is best to learn early.

Put Down the Phone

Even though you like him and are excited to text, you need a life outside the phone. Let him know you have a life outside of him. Do not immediately reply to all messages, instead, hang out with friends, study, go to work, and show him your independence.


Make sure you use open ended questions and answers to encourage more conversation. Questions that can be answered with yes or no, stop a conversation cold.

Wait for Him

Though it is crazy tempting, be willing to let him send the first text. If he initiates, you can gauge how he feels about you.

Respect Time

If he works full time or is in school, be respectful and do not constantly text him. If you want him interested, do not overwhelm him with useless texts. He needs his space.

Proper Grammar

While abbreviations are convenient, it makes you sound and looks like a kid. Use proper grammar and spelling because you are educated enough to do so.

Show Your Personality

Let your true colors show as you text. There is no need to pretend to be someone you are not, so be yourself and let your personality show. If you are funny, show your humor, a meme queen, get him addicted to the best of the best. Enjoy the back and forth.

Send a Photo

While there is nothing wrong with dirty photos, that is for committed relationships, if then. Send him a cute selfie, a photo of where you are at the moment to keep him interested. Get him interested in you first, then you can move on to something riskier.

No “Hi” Texts

Girls hate when guys simply text hi, so do not o it to him. It is dull and stops a conversation before it even starts. Have a catchy opener with something funny that happened that day or a great meme. This will draw him in if he is interested.

Easy On Emojis

Do not go emoji wild, this is not a puzzle he should have to solve. A few emojis, one per text is fine, but too many makes you seem immature. No one wants that.

Learning how to text a guy in order to keep him interested is easy when you have a connection. You cannot force something that is not meant to be, but following these steps can help you find a connection if it is meant to work out.

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