Lose Interest and Motivation

4 Key Reasons People Lose Interest and Motivation

  1. Trapped in a routine

It feels like you are stuck in living out a role in Groundhog’s Day.  No matter your intentions, ever day feels like a carbon copy of the last.  Perhaps even the thing that once provided you a pleasant distraction is even starting to feel stale.  Now your patterns are become things you have to do rather than because it nourishes your spirit.  Break out of your rut by finding one new and challenging thing to tackle every day.  It is especially beneficial if you choose to partake in experiences that you might be scared by.  This will help you gain new skills and grow as person.

  1. You’re playing it safe

You may have low motivations because you haven’t harnessed your talents.  People who utilize their gifts and enjoy what they do naturally are more productive and successful.  Discover your strengths by using the GPS method.  First, identify what are you great at?  Second, what are your passions?  Finally, how can you blend these to provide a service to others?  The end result will show you the full power of your strengths!  You can also broaden your horizons by exploring new ideas and hobbies.  You may also opt to create a side business rooted in your GPS.

  1. Limiting beliefs

Stop letting the gremlins get the best of you.  Don’t be afraid of failure.  Be afraid only on not learning from your missteps.  Be empowered to try on new skills, hobbies or explore new places.  If you aren’t interesting in new opportunities, investigate the deeper reasons why.  Perhaps you aren’t actually lacking interest, but courage.  When you find ways of being braver you can tap into deep reserves of inner strength and better listen to your inner wisdom.  Switch your mindset to view new adventures as trial runs.  This way if they don’t pan out you haven’t lost anything, but if you spark new joy think about all the new avenues that can open up to you.

  1. You set the bar too low

You might have lost interest because you are feeling bored.  When you limit your aspirations, your subconscious tell yourself that you aren’t worth much.  This creates a dangerous pattern.  Because we don’t think we are worth much, we minimize our dreams, by minimizing our dreams, we hinder our sense of fulfillment in life, and thus lose both motivation and interest.  Basal goals drag our spirit down.

Consider applying the 10x Rule to your life.  This rule compels people to set goals that are 10 times grander than what they desire and then do 10 times more work to accomplish these aims.  Think of these as the ultimate stretch goal.  Even if you don’t hit the pinnacle of the 10x Rule, you will still achieve success.  This success will then encourage you to chase bigger dreams and work smarter.  Remember set lofty ambitions is merely the initial step.  The next move requires 10 times the amount of action you may have planned on to fulfill this grand ambition.  However, all this effort is worth it in the long run.  By pushing yourself to the limit, the more present you become.  Your motivation will increase, and along with it, your interest to achieving the life of your dreams.

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