Get You Through Hard Times

7 Tips to Get You Through Hard Times

Life can kick us when we least expect it.  During these downturns it can seems like nothing we can do will get us out of this rut.  These series of disappointments can take a toll on our psyche.  Therefore, we must work twice as hard to foster a positive and healthy mindset.  By working to stay upbeat, surround yourself with happy people or situations, you can create small beneficial steps forward to improve your predicament.

Here are seven strategies that people often forget, but will be critical in to helping you maintain positivity and resiliency during turmoil:

  1. Bad times won’t last

Nothing is forever.  When things are bad it can feel like the torture is endless.  However, that is just your fears taking over and distorting your thinking.  The human mind tends to amplify negative experiences making stressful times seem longer than reality.  Thankfully, this too shall pass.  Be patient and continue to work on yourself.  Things will eventually improve.

  1. You have persevered previously

This is not your first obstacle.  Think about what you have previously done to weather the storms in your life.  Look back on your ability to get past the hard times.  This will shift your attitude into something more self-confident and empowering.  You can then gain vital perspective on the necessary steps you must take to improve your situation.

  1. Think about your strengths

When things are difficult, we often overlook our gifts and skills.  Whenever you think of yourself as lacking, think about something you are grateful for, or something you excel at.  By focusing on your strengths, you can shift your mindset and regain footing in your life.  This will give the clarity to start taking actions steps to overcome your predicament.

  1. You aren’t alone

When people go through turmoil, they feel like they are trapped on an island.  Take a breath and realize other people are going through similar hardships or how you have individuals around you that may be willing to assist you in improving your situation.  Be willing to reach out to someone.  You could end up being a caring ear, which can distract you from your pain.  Another outcome could be releasing some of your stress and enlisting the help of loved one who can give you perspective or aid.  Remember, we are all in this together.

  1. Never stop learning

Think of obstacle or failure as a vehicle for self-growth.  Missteps and stress can help us learn more about ourselves, our needs, and our dreams.  Trial and error is not something to fear.  Instead, it helps us process and ensure we avoid similar pain in the future.

  1. Ask for help

People care about you and don’t want you to struggle.  Think about people you can reach out to and the gifts each possesses and how it can help you get out of your rut.  Sometimes, just thinking about your loved ones can help bring more positivity to your life.  Simply knowing people love and care about you can give you ample inspiration to keep going.

  1. Have an attitude of gratitude

You are going through a hardship, but you have a lot of other blessings in your life.  When you think about what you actually have it can shift your perspective in positive ways.  Having gratitude can calm down your brain.  This peace can give your necessary space to see your situation for what it truly is, instead of being cloudy by anxiety, fear, doubt, and panic.


Keep a copy of these seven tips with you nearby for those difficult moments.  If you feel stressed, read them.  Notice how mindset changes and your body feels a bit lighter.  Having a more positive outlook can help you create reasonable action steps to help you successful overcome the challenge.

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